Your partner's list

The most important list you’ll hold this year!

When you get to this stage, the hardest part is over! You now know of 8 things that are guaranteed to make your partner melt... you have a list that will excite and thrill them with anticipation and surprise! We´ll help you complete complete one melt every two months - an easy task to show your partner how much you care for them!

The Golden List - guard it with your life!

When your lists are swapped, your account will change color. You only need to complete 6 of your partners 8 melts, the two left over can be used for special occassions such as a Birthday or Anniversary, or you don´t need to do them at all if they are not cup of tea.

Restructure your partner’s list

You have 12 months to complete your partners list. You change the order of their list and assign dates to when you want to complete them. Your account is password protected to keep your partner from seeing what you have planned for them. We´ll help you complete 1 melt every 2 months - giving you plenty of time to get organised and ready between melts.

We recommend you start with an easy melt, and one that is in your partner´s top 3.

We’ll provide you with tips on how to complete each melt

Completing your partners melt list is easy! We provide you with tips and hints on what to do and how to go above andbeyond your partners expectations.You´ll be able to set alerts and notifications for yourself to make the entire process easy.

In the End...

Once you have both completed your lists you´ll be granted access to both accounts allowing you to review the melts you have completed for each other... this includes all comments made on the completed melts and conversations had - a snapshot of the year gone by.