The Melt List at a glance

Express yourself!

The Melt List brings you and your partner excitement, surprise, thrills and anticipation... all the goodies that will have you feeling loved and cared for. Your own personal Melt List will include 8 things your partner can DO, MAKE or BUY you!

After you sign up, we´ll show you how to invite your partner, they´ll get to create their own Melt List as well. Your account can only be linked to one other person – so make sure you invite your partner and not the lollipop lady! No one else, other than your linked partner, will be able to view your profile or your Melt List.

What’s the Point?

The point is to express yourself... tell your partner what it takes to turn you on including the things you need to feel loved and appreciated without losing any romance or spontaneity.

The fun begins when you start choosing your melts.

You can choose from experiences and gifts you’ve always wanted from your partner, such as a romantic getaway, gorgeous jewelry or adrenalin pumping thrills. Consider it a subtle hint to your partner! Your Melt List eliminates the need to drag your partner to the store and have them buy you what you want then and there, and the need to tell them what you want three days out from your birthday/anniversary/Christmas.

Once you´ve both completed your lists - we swap them!

The MOST important list you´ll hold this year!

8 things that your sweetie will love - guaranteed! Because they´ve chosen them! From here on, you’re in control... you can choose when you want to make your partner melt, how much anticipation you want to create and how big the surprise will be.

Even if your partner remembers every melt they´ve chosen, they’ll have no idea when you will deliver the melt or the order you’ll be doing it in... the suspense will be killing them!