About the Melt List

"An addictive site that will revolutionise romance!"

Login, invite your partner... then choose 8 melts that your partner can do, make or buy for you. Be as selfish as you want when you create your own list, because we’ll be telling your partner to be just as selfish when they're creating their own list!

Once you and your partner have finished your Melt Lists... then we swap them. And the fun begins!

A message from Denis Merkas (co-founder of Melt List).

The melt list is an addictive site that will have couples anticipating more! Imagine you had a list of 8 points that are guaranteed to make your partner melt... and I don’t mean just a courtesy smile like a Birthday Present or a Christmas present, instead turn your partner into mush – imagine knowing that what you give them is exactly what they want from you!

With your partner’s Melt List in your hands, you are in control. Your partner knows they’re going to love the experience you give them (because they chose it), but they have no idea which experience is coming next or when. You can choose to build the anticipation or surprise them on the day. Tease them, shock them or play with them... either way the two of you will have a blast.


This site is just for couples... it doesn't work for singles

The Melt List is unlike anything you’ve experienced on the net before... It’s been created to help you communicate with your partner. The Melt List allows you to express the things you want and need from your partner. Sure, from this angle it sounds selfish – but if you’re partner also has the opportunity to express the things they want and need, then is it really?

In relationships we want to do things for our partners to make them smile, to make them feel appreciated, wanted and loved. Think of Birthdays, Anniversaries or the dreaded Valentine’s Day where you’re struggling to find a way to say "I love you" but all you see is roses... and you travel home on the subway only to see a million other people also holding roses... it’s at these moments that we wish we knew what our partner wanted.

With the Melt List, you are in control. We don’t tell you what to do or to say to your partner – we just help you make your partner smile. Love your life, love your partner and you’ll love the melt list!