Choosing your melts

The fun begins here!

This is your chance to choose the things you like... choose from experiences you want your partner to give you... gifts that you’ve always wanted bought for you or things you wished your partner made for you.

Sure, it sounds selfish but that is ok, it’s your melt list... right now its about you and the things that excites you. And remember, it´s not selfish if your partner is creating their own melt list aswell.

Search through categories to find the melt turns you on.

Melts are grouped into categories... for example: in the Pamper Me category you´ll find melt experiences such, Manicure & Pedicures, Shopping Sprees, Hair Stylists and many more.

Pamper ME! Category and Melts

Which melt will be your first?

With so many categories and melts its always so difficult to choose the first one, once you´ve made your pick, write down instructions for your partner to carry out to ensure you are melted exactly how you want.

Your partner will source the best location to carry out your melt in your local area. You´re welcome to suggest the best place for them to buy, do or make your melt.

7 more to go... 

We´ve got heaps of categories and melts for you to choose from. Adrenalin junkies, you´ll love the Thrill Me category which includes melts such as, Snow Boarding, Shooting and Flying.

Thrill ME! Category and Melts

If you cannot find a melt on our list, simply create your own custom melt!

Choose your top 3 and send your melt list!

Once you´ve completed your 8 melts, you´ll have a chance to review your list... check over it and make changes if needed. But most importantly you will choose your top 3 melts. These 3 melts are the most special to you, they should excite you more than the others...