Frequently Asked Questions



1. Who is the Melt List for?
Anyone in a relationship... fresh and new through to life-time partners. From teens through to mature adults.

2. Who will see my profile?
No one... the Melt List is private. When you have completed your list we will swap it with your partnerís list.

3. Is the Melt List selling experiences?
No... you choose the things you want your partner to DO, MAKE or BUY you. The Melt List does not sell these experiences Ė it is your partnerís job to go out and source these ideas. We may provide your partner with suggestions on where they can locate an experience for you.

4. What if I donít like some of my partners melts?
You only need to complete 6 of your partners 8 melts. 2 melts are left over as spares... if you donít like them Ė you can choose not to do them. Otherwise you can use these spare melts for special occasions.

5. How will I know what to do for my partner?
Your partner will choose the experience they want from you. They will also include detailed instructions and reasons what you need to do as well as why each melt is important to them.

6. How does payment work
When you sign up you will go through a payment (membership) gateway. After the payment gateway youíll be asked to invite your partner. Partners will not be charged.

7. Why should I do the Melt List
The Melt List is FUN! You and your partner will have the time of your lives! Youíll share experiences together, have an opportunity to make each other laugh and cry! Each month will be full of surprise, anticipation and reward.

8. How will it help my relationship?
The Melt List allows you to express the things you need from your partner to help you feel more loved and appreciated. Things they can DO, MAKE or BUY you to say I love you!
Itís a communication tool: Your partner knows what they need to do to show that they love you. They donít have to read between the lines or take hints from you. Itís given to them in 8 very easy points.

9. Can troubled relationships do the Melt List
YES! The Melt List is a great way of showing appreciation, care and attention. It may not solve your issues but it may help give your relationship an opportunity to grow.

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