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Do you know how to Make Your Partner Melt? ...We do!

The Melt List will be the most fun you'll have with your partner this year! And it's easy!!!

Inside the Melt List you get to choose 8 things you want your partner to DO, MAKE or BUY you. Your partner will also create their own list. We've got heaps of suggestions to help you create a melt list.

Once your lists are complete - we swap them around - so now you're holding a wish list of things that your partner wants you to do for them.

Think about it for a moment...

You ARE NOW HOLDING a list of 8 things that will guarantee you... to MAKE YOUR PARTNER MELT! You'll have your partner screaming, crying, overwhelmed but mostly in love with you for taking the time out to rock their world.

And Remember!

Your parter is also holding a list of 8 things that will MAKE YOU MELT! You'll have no idea when they'll surprise you, or with what experience. It'll be the most fun you'll have together this year!

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